A little about me



Typically a photographer’s About Me Page will tell you that they love photography and they can’t wait to capture images for you…

Well, that is right,  It doesn’t really tell you what I am all about.  I am a mother of 5, with a loving and supportive husband and I really REALLY love documenting life in photographs, but here are a few things you might not know (or care to know) about me:

I do NOT like celery… not in a soup, not in tuna salad & certainly not when it is given a cute name like “ants on a log”.

I cannot see in 3D. Due to a childhood injury in my left eye, I see life in 2 dimensions.  It makes me horrible at sports but I like to think it makes me spectacular at capturing life in 2D photographs!  (I still put on those silly 3D glasses in amusement parks just to feel included lol)

I love vintage items and rather than trying to keep them as treasured antiques, I use them and love them.  Nothing better than finding a vintage item that I can use for my newborn sessions or to plant flowers in.

I still get nervous before every session right up until I press that shutter button.

I love everything about Fall…the colors, the smells, the chill in the air and the hustle & bustle of when the fair comes to my little town. Watching football on a lazy Sunday or when the house fills with the smell of a crockpot dish.

Lastly,  I didn’t think I was a people person until one day, I just was.  I chit chat during each session and it becomes so comfortable that when it comes time to edit each gallery, I feel like I am re-visiting a friend.  This was  a surprise to me as I always thought of myself as an introvert.

My Studio


I am extremely fortunate to live on a pond, nestled among pines and giant boulders. I incorporate stumps, woodpiles, flower gardens and even my chicken coop into my outdoor sessions.  I have spots around my yard specifically created to use as backdrops.  I have vintage doors, barrels and fences strategically set in places that I know will have fabulous lighting.  I think people feel more comfortable outdoors and it shows in their portraits.

Indoor sessions take place in my home Studio.  If it is a newborn session, I crank up the heat and make it snuggly warm for them so they fall into a deep comfortable sleep.  On occasion a dad nods off too.  I provide everything needed for most sessions, so sit back and enjoy the process.

My Family- NH Newborn Photographer

Southern NH Newborn Maternity Photographer

Kim Shimer Photography is a newborn photographer in Southern NH. Kim Shimer Photography is a newborn, baby, maternity photographer serving Manchester, NH and surrounding Southern New Hampshire towns including Boston, MA Maternity kim@kimshimer.com 603-731-1336