Some dear little newborns …or should I say deer!

I have been waiting about 2 years to get my hands on this deer bonnet by the ever so talented Susanne De Goeij owner of Heart Made Photography Props in Amsterdam.  One can not simply purchase one of her bonnets, you must wait patiently, and then wait some more and then maybe you can time it so that you know she will be posting a few for sale and you set an alarm on your phone and have to pull over suddenly in a Walgreen’s parking lot when out doing errands because you don’t want to miss out.  Susanne only makes a handful of items at a time as her health permits and I was lucky enough to claim one this time.  I have purchased other beautiful items from her shop so I knew I would not be disappointed.  Not only are her items handmade with such care, but each package comes with treats and goodies and even cookies from Amsterdam!  It is like Christmas morning when UPS delivers one of her package.  Thank you to baby Brooke & baby Henry for being such angels and modeling just perfectly 🙂 If you would like more info on my newborn photography sessions, please email me at

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Kim Shimer Photography is a newborn and family photographer in Southern NH. My style is natural & rustic with a touch of vintage to create timeless images.

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Kim Shimer Photography is a newborn photographer in Southern NH. Kim Shimer Photography is a newborn, baby, maternity photographer serving Manchester, NH and surrounding Southern New Hampshire towns including Boston, MA Maternity 603-731-1336